Winter Energy Savings

Now that we’re headed into wintertime, we are all concerned about our energy consumption and the corresponding utility bills.

Blinds are a great way to achieve a reduction in those bills simply because they block out a great deal of cold which, even with the double hung windows, can still radiate from our windows and cool our rooms, making the furnace work that much harder to give us the desired temperature.

The best blinds for your particular situation will of course be determined by how much air flow you actually have coming in.

I personally had a much older home that was not fitted with double hung windows when I first moved into it.
Being November there really wasn’t time to do the extras  that needed done before the weather hit.
Roller blinds as well as making sure that the caulking and weather stripping were in place was a great solution for me and helped to save us untold amounts of money that first year in a home that was a great deal less than air tight.

Take a walk around your house and if you find places where you can actually feel the cold or cool air entering , those are the places that need attention to detail.

Install weather stripping around your doors and caulk under the windows.

Pay special attention to the outlets which will leak a great deal of cold air in some homes. If you find yours are blowing cold air, there are some little insulators that can be purchased at nearly any home store to install under the outlet cover and insulate those as well.

Purchase a few roller blinds, or aluminium blinds to cover the windows, so they can be drawn down when it is very windy in wintertime or very sunny and hot in the summer time. You will find that while your comfort level goes up, your utility bill goes down.

Both of which make for a very happy holiday.