Solar Control with Venetian Blinds

All blinds regulate the natural light and solar heat in some way. Venetian blinds however do so in an effective manner. Due to their adjustable slat angle, you can adjust the slats to match up with the natural light and heat of the particular season. And often times they blinds are a bright white color or polished aluminium, allowing for the maximum controlling of light and solar heat.

Venetian blinds can install on the window’s interior or exterior. By installing them on the exterior the Venetian blinds can reduce the cost of air conditioning significantly. In many now developing nations where air conditioning is not widely used, these blinds are a popular control of the heat and sunlight. After all, blinds were originally invented for that very reason back during ancient Egypt.

The exterior blinds allow only 10% of the solar heat in a single pane window when fully closed. Interior blinds however can allow around 40% of the solar heat in a single pane window. However, while more than an exterior installed blind, it is still a significant reduction in solar heat.

Automatic blinds controlled by motors can even change the position of the slats as the sun’s light angle changes throughout the day, allowing maximum regulation of the solar light. Today, they can even be controlled to allow different levels of light in depending on what part of the blind it is.

At the top it can completely block the light while the bottom allows about 10% of it in. It is all up to you! Even more exciting is that today; available in exterior installations is the option of having an anemometer-controlled motor. This senses the wind speed and adjusts the blinds so during high speeds, they can retract into the housing, preventing any major damage. The options seem unlimited. They can be adjusted to fit any space, whether you want to allow light in for working or to simply block most of it.

With all that nice technology like the anemometer-controlled motor, it would be a shame if you could not figure out how to work it. Do not worry! Most of them today are controlled by simple switches. This switch is clear on what they do and simply adjusts the blinds based on how you decide. You can even set them in advance to decide what to do during certain light levels. The technology is there to help; now all you have to do is hit a switch and enjoy.