Selecting Blinds by Room Decor and Function

Every room in your home, as you know, serves a different purpose, so its important to take those functions into consideration as you choose a blind for every room.
The blinds, shades or window coverings that you select should support and add to the function of the room, as well as add to its overall look.
‘You probably would not use a sliding glass door for your bathroom for obvious reasons, and in the same way, selecting a fabric blind with a dry clean only label probably isn’t the right selection to go on the window above your cooking range.

If you are seeking privacy, for say a bath, or bedroom, then you will want a blind that provides that, not a sheer or transparent one.

You would perhaps select a blind that blocked uv light but permitted viewing if your window faces a magnificent view and no one else can see into it from the bedroom, while if your room faces that window of a neighbor you will want to select a blind that will block their view and offer privacy.

Unlike the bath, your kitchens don’t usually need to be considered for privacy unless you are prone to cooking wearing minimal clothing, which can be dangerous at best, so while you will not be so concerned with privacy you will in fact need to take into consideration other factors such as ease of care.

In a living room, you will perhaps want to cut down the light a bit but not totally darken the room. In this instance a cellular shade or blinds is the perfect way to soften the light, protect your soft furnishings such as curtains and carpet and still not eliminate all the natural lighting in the room.

Enmergy efficient blinds will help you immensely if your goal is to cut your utility bills and retain heat in the wintertime, and block it during the summer.
Energy efficient used to mean bland and boring but that has in fact changed immensely in the past few years, where utilitarian now means lovely elegant and stylish.

Selecting your window blinds to match your decor is simply not as difficult as you’ve been told
Take into account the period or theme of the room.. a colonial one will take wooden blinds, while a bath, which has nautical overtones will easily take a canvas blind, which has the added benefit of being easily water proofed.

Classical, rustic, romantic or modern your style can be found and complemented using one of the sleek blinds that are on the market today.
Take some time to browse through our categories and see if you can’t find something that suits the moods of your room and you.