Roman Blinds: Hand Decorated

Among the most elegant type of blinds as well as another which is easily decorated and adapted to echo the look and feel of any room is the Roman blind.

Easily stenciled or colored they lend themselves well to additional decorating, and hold the fabric paint well, giving the design the ability to last for years with proper care and cleaning.

Roman blinds are by and large room darkening, so the blind being drawn at night to provide for privacy, will also provide for your guests or family to see the designs or decorator edging that you add.

Roman blinds are available in many colors, and using stencils, freehand painting techniques, stippling or stenciling brushes and a few minutes of your time can give you an amazing designer blind that will provide your room with a style that is unsurpassed in those you can purchase.

All it takes is a bit of imagination to make the blind itself echo the border, wallpaper print or the print of your valance.

For example if your home is Amish country or Country French, one of the things you might do is to echo the Amish border that you have in your dining room in this fashion.

Amish Buggy Mural on Roman Blind

Rather than a simple design, a Roman blind may be used to stencil or paint a mural type scene which will be proudly displayed when the blind is fully extended, such as the one viewed here.

Using layered stencils or simply hand painting the lower portion of the blind the effect is extremely striking.

Your windows and blinds can be as unique and unusual as you are, and the price doesn’t have to be astronomical to achieve a designer one of a kind effect, if you are willing to spend a few minutes and a few dollars.

Happy Painting.