Pros and Cons of Window Blinds

Each type of blind has its own pros and cons. To determine its aspects one must look at its versatility, cost and even tips for installation or proper usage. Now the most poplar styles will be critiqued in a easy to read manner for the simple buyer looking for fast tips. Whether you are a money conscience consumer, or just a young adult going out on your own for the first time, this is the perfect quick guide to all your blind’s needs.


Pros: Comes in many colors, long lasting, light weight, easy to install
Cons: Often over used, little creativity, difficult to clean, can eliminate light gaps
Cost: Cheap, depending on the brand it can range from $30 to $70
Tips: Half – inch aluminium offers an inexpensive option

Vertical Blinds

Pros: Many sizes, many colors, available in many materials, maximum light control
Cons: Difficult to keep in place, can be fragile in certain environments, falls off track easily
Cost: $60 to $125
Tips: good choice for wide windows or doors

Standard Blinds

Pros: Good for a deeper window, inexpensive, gives a specific setting
Cons: Can be noisy when adjusted, don’t absorb much sound
Cost: $50- $70
Tips: Good for a classic look

Natural Wood Blinds

Pros: many stained to match any setting, hide’s chords well
Cons: Heavy, dents easily, damages in cold or humid conditions
Cost: $60 – $100
Tips: Synthetics can be used in its place and will significantly lower the price.