Layered Effects

Layered Effects in Window Treatments

Window treatments can make the difference in whether your house looks like a home or just a place where you sleep.

They can also change your economic status for the better if you will let them

Layered window treatments have several benefits.

You may choose to use the sheer curtains on the inside of the window sill, with blinds over them, toward the inside, which is effectively having your cake and eating it too.

The sheer curtains afford you that lacy look, which is delicate and ethereal for the romantic night, but not altogether right for when you’d like a bit of privacy or want to blot out the harsh sunlight during the daylight hours. Using lacy curtains which are installed inside the window sills, with the blinds hung over them, particularly if the blinds are of a contrasting color, will allow you the luxury of also using the blinds as a valance of sorts when you wish to have them partially drawn, as seen below.

The use of Roman blinds with a heavier curtain, or roll up blinds under a lighter lace will offer you the benefit of being able to block out double the cold air in the wintertime, since two layers of insulating material is of course superior to having just one.

Below are some examples of how you might use Roman Blinds or the vinyl mini blinds with curtains to double up on the insulating effects they offer.

Blinds, curtains and valances are an attractive choice as well as a practical one.

The valance hides the upper installation aspects of the blind when the curtains are pulled to the side to let in a bit of light.

Slot headed curtains go very well with the vinyl roll up blinds, and can be left open a bit, to enhance, rather than to hide a lovely roll up blind that you’ve added some customizations to such as those in the stenciled blinds items.

Dual treatments at your window do a great deal more than just enhance the room.

They insulate doubly and keep the windows from being a place where the heat escapes as well as complement the other aspects of the room when chosen to reflect the color scheme.