Kitchen Creations

Kitchen Creations, Curtains for those who don’t sew

I’m sure you’ve seen all those delightful little café curtains with the remarkably stunning clips that attach them to the designer rod.

They are exorbitant in their cost but the look they give the kitchen, that sort of French country atmosphere, makes the price well worth what you pay.

You can have those curtains without the price tag that goes with them for minimal outlay in cost and a moderate amount of time if you choose to take it.

If the fabric is not wide enough to fit your window, simple iron on tape, which is available now in washer proof style, can be used to facilitate the curtain making.
Fit your rod above the window as you would like it to sit.

Measure the rod and multiply by 1.5 to get fuller curtains.
Measure the width of the cloth and divide by about twelve to get the number of curtain clips you will need to purchase to hold your curtains.

Taking the fabric, iron the edges with fusible webbing to hem them on all four sides.

Taking into account the length of the curtain clips you’ve chosen measure the length that you need and add four inches.

Two will be for the top hem allowance and two for the hem on the bottom of your curtain.

If you are using a pattern, a bit more fabric will be necessary in order to drop match the pattern so that it does not look off center.

When the width has been joined to make it fit the window width, using a steam iron turn under the edges and iron the hem using the manufacturer’s instructions for the use of the fusible webbing.

Once that had been accomplished attach the curtain clips to the fused length of fabric.

Attach one clip about every four or five inches for a less wide window, while one that has a wider width will need a bit more support due to the heavier weight of the fabric and will need a clip about every three inches.

The clips attach to the fabric easily via a spring method, or snapping shut over the fabric.

When you are ready to wash the fabric or curtains simply unclip the curtain clips and launder the fabric using a mild soap.

In most cases they will need to drip dry to prevent the fusible webbing from coming undone during the heating process of the dryer.