How To Hang an Austrian Blind

Austrian Blinds are absolutely lovely and very functional, but hanging them can tend to be confusing because of the gathered material, the numerous cords and the ability to hang them from either side.. They aren’t difficult at all once you get the “hang” of it.. and you will be able to do it in under ten minutes after a couple attempts.

Decide first which side of the window you want your blind to work from.
The directions here are for the right, but if you choose the left, just reverse them and set it up for left hand workings.

Lay the blind with the lining facing upward, on a flat firm surface.

cut pieces of the nylon cording for each length of the austrian blind tape.. Cut each piece to measure about twice the length of the blind + 1 width.

Beginning at the right side, attach a piece of the nylon cord to the bottom loop of the austrian blind tape and thread it up through all of the loops on the blind up to the top of the blind

Repeat the same process for all of the other tapes on the blind.

Pull the cords up on the header tape to fit the blind track and adjust the gathers as you want them..

Secure the ends of the nylon cords that you added with a sliding loop and wind the extra cord up and tuck it into the cord bag.

Attach the top of the blind to the piece of wood, called a batten, by pressing the header tape into the blind tape.

Next, screw the eyelets into the underpart of the batten, directly above where each of the blind tapes will go.
If you are using a blind track, then add the curtain hooks into the pockets on the header tape and hang your blind on the track.

Thread each of the nylon cords through their respective cord holders on the track or the eyelet screws on your batten, working from left toward the right.

With the bottom of the blind sitting at just about the window sill level, cut all the nylon cords, making sure they are level with the bottom of the window.

Thread all the cords through the acorn and knot to secure.

Affix a cleat at the right of the window about half way down your window.. Draw the blind up and wind the cords on the cleat to secure them

Guess What.. Its done, and you did it yourself.