Conservatory Blinds

Gorgeous hand crafted pleated conservatory blinds, professionally made here in the United Kingdom; add the ideal final touch to your conservatory/greenhouse.

Slender and discrete these beautifully designed blinds help you create the right atmosphere and also have many handy uses.

Protecting your furniture from unkind rays and heat of the Sun, our conservatory blinds also help keep heat in through the winter months, and offer you the level of confidentiality you desire.

Conservatory blinds, are not just for ornamental means, but as well play an essential part of making a conservatory function correctly and realize the possible satisfaction it can bring with it.

The choice to install blinds is easy. The decision of style and type can prove much harder. There are three basic styles – pinoleum, roller blinds and pleated blinds.

These come in a selection of resources, including reflective blinds. You can choose to have remote controlled or mechanical so they alter to the outside weather.

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