Cleaning Wooden Blinds

Taking care of your blinds

Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds & Cellular Shades

Wooden Blinds may be vacuumed with a brush attachment to keep them clean and lint and dust free.

Use of the brush attachment should remove all dirt except that which has been embedded in the fabric. That type soil may be removed using a cloth which has been wet with a mild soapy solution.

More serious soil can be removed from a painted blind using a damp cloth with warm water and laundry detergent, such as tide or Era.

These are mild enough to leave the paint intact but to remove the soil.

Do not ever use an abrasive cleaner on your painted wood blinds. Severely stained blinds must be treated with lemon oil or a wood restorative.

Never use a petroleum base soap to remove soil from your wooden blinds, whether or not they have been painted this may damage the water proof finish that coats them.

Cellular shades are easy to keep looking fresh and excellent for years to come.

They will require frequent cleaning with a feather duster or a charged vacuum duster, and lightly vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner attachment.

If they become soiled with surface dire, they can be spot cleaning using a mild soap and warm water.

Extra care should be used with cellular blinds so as not to crease the fabric permanently.
Ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended in use for these particular blinds.

Under no circumstances use a very strong detergent, bleach or spot removers as they may remove the dye and leave lighter spots on the cellular blinds.