Cleaning Blinds

The paint surface of the slats is quite soft and dust is effortlessly brushed off if cleaned regular.

Vacuum: use the brush attachments and tilt the slats upwards, then downwards to reach the entire surface.

Dusting: use a clean cloth and tilt the slats as mentioned above.

Wash: use a damp cloth and mild kitchen detergent. Use warm or cold water. Tilt the slats as mentioned above.

Remember to protect the floor with newspaper from excess water spillage.

The blind could be taken down to make it easier, placed in an empty bath tub for example, then rinsed clean, and allowed to dry in open air.

How-To Clean: Wood Blinds A lot of care must be taken when cleaning wooden blinds. Washing the blind isn’t recommended when it comes to wood.

Although the wood is preserved, water or even too much dampness may cause ware or staining of the slats.

Given that the surface of the slats is smooth, dust may be simply brushed off regular using a dust cloth or a vacuum.

Remember to protect your wooden blinds by avoiding the use of water.

How-To Clean: Fabric Pleated Blinds

Most Pleated Blinds are anti-static, and they require very little cleaning, as they don’t magnetize dust particles. A little vacuum cleaning is all that is needed to keep them dust free.

Take care when cleaning blinds, use damp/dry clothes to remove dust.

Also note that if a window is left open whilst it’s raining outside – that could potentially ruin your wooden blinds.