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Velux BlindsSkylights are perfect for letting light into loft and attic rooms, that’s where Velux Blinds come in handy; they allow you to control the amount of light you want.

Since skylight windows are usually at an angle rather than entirely vertical, a unique type of window covering is needed to cover skylights properly.

If you try to fasten a standard window blind instead of using a Velux blind to a skylight, it will not cover the window completely, and it will hang as if the window was vertical.

This wouldn’t look correct, even if you nail it down you still won’t be able to open the blinds.

Velux blinds are made to fit loft/attic windows perfectly, allowing you to keep control of the amount of light the blinds let in.

So how do you reach a Velux blind to raise or lower it since it’s hung on a skylight? A ladder won’t be needed thankfully, because most Velux blinds are electronically operated by using a remote control.

The only downside to Velux blinds is that they can be rather pricey. This is due to the unique design of the blind, the electronic mechanism that’s built in, and the few manufacturers that make this style of window covering.

Overall, if you don’t mind spending a tad extra on your window coverings, Velux blinds are defiantly the way to go.

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