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Winter Time Blinds for the Living Room

Wintertime brings special challenges to our home, in the guise of wind, snow and weather.

Blinds can help to alleviate some of the issues that those winter weather changes bring into play, such as a higher heat and energy bill.

The use of blinds, particularly the insulated variety,  vinyl roller shades or  even aluminum venetian blinds can impact the heat loss in a positive way, so that the rooms stay warmer and the heat loss is lessened, thereby preventing the furnace from running quite so incessantly and helping to lower your fuel use and heating costs.

Roller blinds particularly, because they sit so close to the  window can help you to keep the heat in and the cold weather out.

Roller blinds are available now in some increasingly attractive textures and in a wide array of colors that will go with virtually any decor.

If you are passionate about your rooms decorator style but still want to save a buck or two on your heating bills, take a second look at roller blinds to help you to insulate.

Covering Your Roll Up Window Blinds

Roll up window blinds are wonderful for their room darkening effect, but until recently haven’t been as stylish or fashionable as we might wish them to be.

Available in fabric or in Vinyl , they are now available in colors, but still aren’t as easy to match to our window coverings or our wallcoverings as we might wish them to be, available primarily in only plain colors without the prints that are the seasons best and most interesting part of the room

Some of the prints that are all the rage this year, for both summer and fall are larger print leaves, ivy, ferns and oak leaves, fall tones or deep russets and dark greens.

Those fabrics are available in any good fabric store and the vinyl roll up blinds are easily covered to bring them to something incredible that will show case your room and your windows, putting them in the spotlight.

Vinyl roll up blinds are the easier to work with and require only minimal effort to make the glue or hot glue adhere to the blind, and create a designer look for a nominal cost.

Depending on the size of your window and blind, you will require

Aileens Tacky Glue, or some other type craft glue

A yard to two yards of fabric of your choice

Designer edging if desired.

Taking an iron, iron the edges of the fabric to create about a half inch seam or edge allowance

Using hot glue, and beginning in the center top, run a bead of glue down the middle of the blind from top to bottom

and press the fabric onto the blind.

Run a bead of glue top to botton about every 8 inches.

Run a bead of glue across the top, as high up or as close to the roller as you can get it.

Repeat this across the bottom of the blind, pressing tightly to adhere them.

Add a designer edging to the lower edge of the blind, and perhaps a pull cord that contrasts with the fabric.

Voila..   inexpensive and easily accomplished.