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Softer Styling

Lace curtains and valances in a multitude of styles, presented over a muted color blind or a solar shade offer a look of soft romance to the room in which they are presented.

Brussels lace adds a touch of sophistication to any room and the combination of white lace curtains over the stark white of the vinyl mini blind or the roll up blind will give the same effect as white work embroidery.

Classic and airy it affords a glimpse of summer in the wintertime.

The pointed ends of this scalloped lace curtain offer some interesting counterpoints to the slats of a blind. Lace has a softening effect on anything it is used with.

This is useful knowledge when decorating with harder lines or edges, because it can work in your favor as a contrast to the harshness of too much wood, or as the surprise element in an all wooden room, or in fact as the softening element.

Lace ads texture a light airiness and soft color even when used in darker colors due to the light which spills through it into the room.

Using blinds such as solar blinds with a lace curtain effect means that you get your privacy needs addressed, yet the solar blind will also afford you that economy that comes from a covering of the window during hot sunny times when you need to eradicate some of the natural lighting in the room.

Simple scarf valances hung over a roll up blind in a conservatory or sun room leave your sun to shine in yet give you a way to have privacy and blot out the excess heat during the warmer parts of the day, all with classic elegance that only lace can offer.. Roll up blinds offer inexpensive ways to decorate yet still achieve the room darkening effects that you want.

Stencil Patterns for Blinds

Using the stencil patterns below, its easy to get the exact look that you want from your vinyl mini blinds or roll up blinds with a bit of paint and your time and talent.

The stencils here are just one layer required, but you can easily make a shaded look by using two different colors when you load the brush, or dabbing darker colored paint around the edges of the stencil when working with it.

Stenciling s one of the easier and more fun crafts because the projects take such a short time to complete and if you load the brush correctly you just can’t miss with the finished project.

Bear in mind that vinyl will take a bit longer to dry, however there are vinyl paints out there that will work for you too, so explore your options when it comes to materials that you use to achieve the look you want.

Vinyl roll up blinds or wooden roll up blinds will be the easier to use when stenciling, as they are a flat surface.

When you begin stenciling your blinds, you might want to try using these first until you get the hang of the craft and see what kind of results you get.

To use the stencils below, simply put them on any good paint program on your computer and enlarge them to the size you might like, then print them out onto velux or stencil paper, or the thin plastic film paper if you’d like to keep them permanently.

For a single use stencil card stock paper works fine and will last about as long as it takes to complete the project.

Here are some examples of what you can achieve with a few paints and some sealant.

Below you will find some stencils to try your hand at your own customization of your vinyl rollup mini blinds.

Have fun with the project and watch the end results be exactly what you’d like to see in your home.

Covering Your Roll Up Window Blinds

Roll up window blinds are wonderful for their room darkening effect, but until recently haven’t been as stylish or fashionable as we might wish them to be.

Available in fabric or in Vinyl , they are now available in colors, but still aren’t as easy to match to our window coverings or our wallcoverings as we might wish them to be, available primarily in only plain colors without the prints that are the seasons best and most interesting part of the room

Some of the prints that are all the rage this year, for both summer and fall are larger print leaves, ivy, ferns and oak leaves, fall tones or deep russets and dark greens.

Those fabrics are available in any good fabric store and the vinyl roll up blinds are easily covered to bring them to something incredible that will show case your room and your windows, putting them in the spotlight.

Vinyl roll up blinds are the easier to work with and require only minimal effort to make the glue or hot glue adhere to the blind, and create a designer look for a nominal cost.

Depending on the size of your window and blind, you will require

Aileens Tacky Glue, or some other type craft glue

A yard to two yards of fabric of your choice

Designer edging if desired.

Taking an iron, iron the edges of the fabric to create about a half inch seam or edge allowance

Using hot glue, and beginning in the center top, run a bead of glue down the middle of the blind from top to bottom

and press the fabric onto the blind.

Run a bead of glue top to botton about every 8 inches.

Run a bead of glue across the top, as high up or as close to the roller as you can get it.

Repeat this across the bottom of the blind, pressing tightly to adhere them.

Add a designer edging to the lower edge of the blind, and perhaps a pull cord that contrasts with the fabric.

Voila..   inexpensive and easily accomplished.