Bypass Patio Door Blinds

Patio furniture sales have been on the rise. The consumer now has more money to spend on creating their dream house and for many, a patio is part of their dream. However would not it be a waste if you could not enjoy your lovely and brand new furniture from inside through your patio door when you wished? But of course you know how difficult those doors can be.

You want something stylish to serve the purposes that well… blinds offer! Bifold and bypass track systems are becoming a consumer favorite for those seeking something unique for their patio doors. Along with those are the new Casing Frame and mounting strips. Now is the time to enjoy your patio through the ease and style of blinds.

In recent years new models of valances have become available and have been specifically designed to work with Bifold and bypass track systems. This is the solution you have been looking for to eliminate those annoying light gaps and even to disguise the often unattractive track and other hardware associated with your blinds. Many valances have been created just for the purpose of being long enough to cover the hardware since the panels do not swing open.

While traditionally one was limited to using the simple and boring L-Frame, today a popular new style is the Casing frame. Even better is now it even comes at many locations in an extended length of ¾’’. And with a colonial look, it gives a classic feel that can be perfect for matching your patio set and gives you the options to fully enjoy the set by allowing fully operational shutters.

Besides the new valances and frames to maximize one’s enjoyment of their patio is the new mounting strips. The inside strip has new options that had been nonexistent I past years. Now it is more likely for one to be able to find different sizes for the installer. This allows one to avoid having to take down the original ¾” x ¾” mounting strip and instead use such options as the 1” x ¾” mounting strip.

Patios are meant to be enjoyed. So go and enjoy them without the hassle of the Patio Doors. All it takes is using some newer options for patio blinds. New styles of track systems, frames and mounting strips allow you to do just that. Why wait any longer?