Adding a Holiday Touch to your Windows

Your windows are among one of the focal points that people see when walking past, or when they are inside your home. When the draperies are open and the blinds are drawn, what you have on the panes is not visible, yet when the blinds are opened, it is viewable not only from the inside, but from the outside as well.

One of the most intersting holiday decorating schemes I’ve seen involved the snow that is sprayed on, as well as some holiday stencils which were put together to create a lovely scene all in white that was, from the outside a perfect foil to the dark wood or deep burgundy blinds that the house had in the various rooms.

Snowflakes, reindeer and penguin outlines were painted on the windows, using the easily removed snow spray that is rather like flocking, all in white and very Christmas-y.

There are some wonderful single layer stencils out there that will permit you to get the same look that this home had.

It was classic, understated and remarkably elegant for so simply a thing and it imparted an ambience of a snowy night to both the inside of the home as well as the outside.

Choosing darker blinds for wintertime is simply common sense, as it will help your home to hold the heat better, rather than reflecting the suns rays it will absorb them.

THese colors, the deeper reds, greens and browns are also the ideal backdrop for this type of all white decorating and made the home absolutely striking.

Make your blinds in integral part of the window decor by choosing decorations that are more impressive with the darker backdrop.

Do however be careful with the candles and candelabra when you have blinds in place and make sure that they don’t touch the blinds themselves.